roof snow removal
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Why is it important to remove snow from a roof?

An accumulation of snow on your roof can cause serious problems for your home. In principle, roofs are designed to receive a certain amount of snow, even flat and gently sloping roofs. However, when faced with large accumulations, the load can become too heavy. In the worst cases, the roof may even collapse. Problems may also occur with the gutters, the chimney, and the openings in or around the roof.

Thawing periods can also be problematic when there’s a very thick layer of snow on a roof. In these situations, the snow melts and, as soon as the cold returns, the water turns to ice. On flat roofs, this can create a barrier that blocks the drain, whereas on shingled roofs, the water can get lodged under the shingles.

This type of problem can happen at any time during the winter, but it’s especially common in the weeks preceding or following the arrival of spring.


To know whether or not you need to clear the snow off a roof, you have to be vigilant and look out for certain signs, such as cracking sounds, the appearance of cracks, and doors that are suddenly hard to close.

Rooftop snow removal service

Our snow removal service ensures the integrity and safety of your roof and its tinsmithing. Do you need to remove the snow from your roof? Couvreur Impact is there to help you! We have all the equipment and experience necessary to take care of this maintenance work, which can sometimes be delicate. You definitely shouldn’t start a rooftop snow removal operation without being properly prepared!

This task involves a risk of falling and electrocution, so you could easily hurt yourself. For a quality job carried out by people who are used to working on roofs, trust Couvreur Impact.

After all, roofs no longer hold any secrets for us! Summer or winter, we know how to handle them with care, and our goal is to make sure they’re in good condition despite the bad weather to which they’re exposed. We also use the best tools to remove snow from the roof, preserving its integrity and paying special attention to the surfaces.

Established on the South Shore of Montréal for over 25 years, we’ve seen a few winters go by! Trust us with the task of removing the snow that’s accumulated on your roof: you won’t regret it!

Whether it’s in the commercial or residential sector, when it comes to roofing, the best roofers in Montreal are at Couvreur Impact Inc.

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