Elastomeric membrane roofing in Montreal

Elastomeric membrane roof

Are you installing an elastomeric membrane on your roof in South Shore Montreal? There is none better than Couvreur Impact Inc to meet your expectations.

You'll benefit without any doubt from the best roofing service with these Saint-Lazare professionals. For more than 25 years, Couvreur Impact Inc has been specializing in roof maintenance in Montreal, offering a complete and quality service.


An elastomeric membrane is a covering that we install on roofs, mainly to address problems of watertightness. This material is part of a fail-proof watertight system. The lifespan of an elastomeric membrane can last up to 30 years when installed by a specialist. The exterior temperature has little effect and the membrane resists against bad weather. To find a professional who knows how to install these, for a maximum lifespan in Montreal, look no further than Couvreur Impact Inc. These professionals have more than 25 years of experience in roofing. So they're perfectly able to flawlessly install an elastomeric membrane according to your requirements.


When you choose Couvreur Impact Inc, you'll benefit from a service that can't be matched. These roof maintenance specialists have an eye for good work. They're attentive and thorough, because the slightest error can have serious consequences. The elastomeric membrane is best suited for flat roofs. These professionals know this well, and they provide the best solutions and the best options. Couvreur Impact Inc represents a large choice of elastomeric membranes in many colours and a selection of quality asphalt shingles. Our personnel are committed, and the quality of service guarantees you a roof that will last without excessive maintenance.

Our goal is to make your roof beautiful again, even if it's run-down

Fast, efficient and flawless maintenance service

Benefit from all these advantages:

  • Experience
  • Quality service
  • Tinsmith
  • Accurate quote
  • Guaranteed work
  • Expertise


Snow accumulation on your roof can cause serious problems for your home.

Our snow removal service ensures the integrity and safety of your roof.

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