Roofing maintenance company in Montreal


It is well known that the Gauls feared only one thing: that the sky might fall on their head! Thankfully those days are long gone. The inexorable march of progress has evolved all kinds of vocations to ensure the safety of everyone in the face of such threats, namely that of the roofer. If you are located in Montreal, Quebec, and you care about the quality or the condition of your roof, contact Couvreur Impact Inc. without delay. We are the top choice for all things roofing in Montreal.

Located in St-Lazare, Couvreur Impact Inc. has been providing roofing maintenance in Montreal for over 24 years. The owner, Michel Doyon?s motto is anything worth doing is worth doing well.? That is why Couvreur Impact is the ideal roofer to contact if you need your roof cleared of snow for example, an essential service especially with the hard winter in Quebec that we all know so well from which the people of Montreal are certainly not exempt.

More than half of all new residential building owners cover their roofs with an elastomeric membrane.

If you are a residential building owner in Montreal, call Couvreur Impact Inc. We provide the best service in the field, and we offer liability insurance of $2,000,000 -more than enough to cover any damage that could occur.

If you own a house in Montreal and you want to see your roof
covered with asphalt shingles, Mr. Doyon and company will promptly and impeccably get the job done, as only experts with 24 years of experience under their belt can.


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Old homes have their own character and charm that one usually wants to keep intact. If you live in Montreal and you are concerned about the state of your older roof, call us and we will restore even the most dilapidated roof.

For a flat roof to withstand changes in temperature, freezing and thawing, the hot sun and also be waterproof, it is essential to use liquid asphalt and gravel. This process requires a careful and attentive roofer because the slightest mistake can lead to disaster. If you are located in Montreal, Couvreur Impact Inc. is the roofer of choice for this task.

No roof is complete without metal work, i.e. gutters, eaves troughs, rainwater downspouts, chimney linings and vents, etc. Couvreur Impact Inc. is your top tinsmith for any roofing accessory work you might need.

Whether it's for commercial or residential roofs, your top choice of roofer in Montreal is unequivocally Couvreur Impact Inc.