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Couvreur impact is your top choice of roofer in Montréal. We specialize in all types of roof repair in Montréal: residential, commercial and industrial. Our roof repair services in Montreal are second to none.

Old homes have their charm that owners generally want to keep intact. If you live in Montreal and you are worried about the state of your aging roof, you need to call the Montreal roofers that know how to fix even the most dilapidated roof.

In order for a flat roof to resist temperature changes, freezing and melting conditions, direct sunlight and remain sealed, it is essential to use liquid asphalt and gravel. This process requires a meticulous, detail-oriented roofer since the slightest mistake can lead to disaster. If you are located in Montreal, Couvreur impact is the top choice of roofer for this job.

No roof is complete without metalwork, such as gutters, eaves troughs, chimney fixtures and vents, etc. Couvreur Impact Inc. is the best tinsmith for your roof in Montreal.

Réparation de toiture Montréal rive nord

Whether it’s in the commercial or residential sector, when it comes to roofing, the best roofers in Montreal are at Couvreur Impact Inc.

Roof Repair

We offer a wide variety of roofing services, from roofing installation, repair and maintenance to tinsmith services.

Plus, we are Montréal’s flat roof specialists, including EPDM and TPO membranes and flat roofs made of asphalt and gravel.


Accumulation of snow on your roof can cause serious problems for your home.

Our snow removal service ensures the integrity and security of your roof and metalwork.


The most popular choice in the residential sector. We provide a variety of shingle colors and shapes.

Our professional installation service ensures that your roof will last a long time, without worry.


Roofing asphalt and gravel are a relatively inexpensive solution to repair flat roofs, although of lesser quality and durability (15 years) than the elastomeric membrane.

These types of roofs composed of tar and gravel are still sometimes called “multilayer” membranes.